Friday, October 2, 2009

David's New Gem Star Novas!

Another one of David's awesome ideas come to life! David's been making Gem Star Pyramids (a similar product, only with a copper pyramid shape that he makes) for several years now. In those several years, I remember him saying that he wished there was a way to make them in the shape of a Merkaba. He played around with the idea several times only to find that they weren't quite the way he wanted them. About a month or so ago, he tried again, worked out the kinks, didn't give up and finally, here they are! I love these as both suncatchers and as pendulums. When I use pendulums, I like them to really move and I think the shape and weight has a lot to do with those factors. These REALLY MOVE!! I can't decide which I like more, the Gem Stone Novas or the Swarovski Novas. The Gem Stone Novas are great because you get the added power of the stones he uses and the Swarovski Novas are just so beautiful!